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Xbox Winter Games Sale Slashes Prices of Biggest Games Of The Year

The Xbox Winter Games Sale has finally kicked off, which means that if you pop onto the Xbox store you can find a wide variety of Xbox games for a variety of prices, including some of the biggest releases of the year. Each week will include a new group of deals.

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For this week, we have deals on Battlefield 1 (25% off, but if you have Xbox Live Gold it’s 35% off), Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the same rates, Final Fantasy 15 (for 15% off, 25% if you have Gold), Gears of War 4 (You get 45% off on both levels of Xbox Live ownership), Dishonored 2 (25% off standard, but 33% if you’re Gold), Skyrim Special Edition (for the same discounts), Titanfall 2 (40% for standard, 50% for Gold) and more.

If you’ve been looking for a game that you’ve been wanting for months but haven’t wanted to buy it because it’s too expensive, the Xbox Winter Games Sale is likely going to be your best bet for a good while now, unless you want to buy a used game or wait for a sale at a retailer. Either way, the sale allows you to spend less money than you normally would on a game that would normally cost you more.

The special editions of every game are also available for you to buy, so if you’ve been looking for a game that also gives you additional content to boot, you can also grab that.

The Xbox Winter Games Sale will likely continue for a good while, through not only the end of December but also through a substantial portion of January, so if you got a lot of money for Christmas you can probably use at least some of that to buy a game that you’ve been wanting.

So, if any of the deals that were in this article might tickle your fancy, or if you’re interested in finding a discount, you can pop onto the official Xbox store and look around to see if there’s anything you’d want.