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Xbox One Elite Controller With Detachable Triggers-Patent, New Controller Coming?

In a recently published patent file it has come to light that Microsoft’s next generation Xbox One Elite controller with detachable triggers may happen. The patent is just a rough sketch and whether or not the product will see the development is a matter of time.

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The publication was listed in newly posted documents by United States Patent and Trademark Office which covers the authenticity of patent. Although, Xbox One elite controller with detachable triggers patent was submitted back in March, 2016.

The patent highlights that trigger accessories will be held in place by a magnetic attraction, which, in case of D-pad and analogue stick on current elite design follows. Hence, the peripheral can be easily removed by the user without any tool requirement. The filing published on December 15 states that:

The present disclosure is directed to a customizable game controller that includes one or more differently configured trigger-type controls that can be swapped out in a tool-free manner.

For example, differently configured removable trigger accessories may have different sizes, materials, ranges of motion, spring tensions, pull weights, and/or finger positions. In one example, such a configuration facilitates the use of differently configured removable trigger accessories that are customized for particular types of video games.

The application also contained number of drawings, showing different trigger variants.

It is essential to notice the fact that this patent and the material it presents will remain a concept unless Microsoft turns it into a product. No official word has been given yet by Microsoft on Xbox One elite controller with detachable triggers concept. Maybe, Microsoft reveals this by next year on E3.