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Valve Is Working On A New Prototype VR Controller?

Valve is quite secretive about its inner coming and goings but once in a while we find things that are not meant to be found yet. This time a new report has made its way to the internet that suggests Valve has a new prototype VR controller in the works.

The report comes from Megagames, that suggests Valve is working on a new prototype VR controller to appeal to a wider audience as Valve has added support for a new prototype controller.

prototype VR controller

Most likely it is the same VR controller that Valve showcased at Steam Dev Days conference for HTC Vive.

Valve is yet to reveal any specific details about HTC Vive controller, but based on the images posted by Twitter user Daniel Blair, it seems that users will able to open their hands without dropping it. It is speculated that the controller will be track when the hands are open and will replicate hand movements and finger articulation with greater accuracy.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi also revealed that the company is currently gathering feedback for the prototype for now and also said that more details about the HTC Vive controller will be revealed soon.

It is important to mention that this just speculation and currently there is not enough evidence that this VR Controller prototype is the same as Valve showcases at Steam Dev Days.

Speaking of Valve, the company has been fined $3 million by Australian Federal court for the lack of advertisement of the company’s refund policy on Steam from 2011 to 2014.

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