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Ubisoft Is “A Design Driven Company” That Is Led By Gamers, Says Developer

Ubisoft is one of the biggest game developing and publishing company in the game industry and this year the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary by giving away free goodies and games. Ubisoft is known for its open-world games whose ideas are usually out of the box and according to developers themselves it is a design driven company that likes to take risks.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, Jonathan Morin, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal and Martin Oliver, Producer at Ubisoft Reflections discussed the company’s culture and future. According to Jonathan Morin:

Ubisoft is a design-driven company. As a creative director, I am imputable to Serge Hascoet and the editorial team. And they tend to push us and evaluate our work from a design standpoint first.

This is very rare since most companies would have guys like me be evaluated by business people. Of course, we remain business-aware within the company but the content of our games is driven by design more than anything else. It is this approach that helps us make a difference.

Martin Oliver added that they are very fortunate that the company is being led by the Guillemot brothers who themselves are gamers.

We are very fortunate to be led by gamers, the Guillemot brothers. For them, cool ideas are priority. They empower the teams to approach every phase of development with the confidence that no matter how ambitious or unconventional the ideas are they will be appreciated.

The developers are pointing out the uniqueness of the company from other game developing and publishing companies. However, it hardly seems a coincidence that these statements come from the developers in the midst of the ongoing struggle of the company against Vivendi’s potential takeover.

Aside from the takeover, Ubisoft is focused its upcoming releases for next year that include Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor.