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Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Period May Hit EA Access Before Launch

A Mass Effect Andromeda trial period may be available for members of EA Access before the game officially launches, according to ThisGenGaming. Apparently, a leaked online store image is the cause of the rumor, and means that some people may get to play the game earlier than others.

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EA Access is a special Electronic Arts service that subscribers can use in order to get various bonuses on EA’s games, such as playing them early and other things. Players being able to get into the game earlier has already happened a few months back with Battlefield 1, which allowed not only for its full release to be played early by EA Access subscribers but also opened the beta earlier to them.

Aside from the Mass Effect Andromeda trial period and Battlefield 1, other games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst have also been put on the service early for people to enjoy. Considering that all four were titles with a pretty large amount of anticipation, they were likely put there by EA in order to drum up more hype for the game.

Considering how important this game is for the Mass Effect series (the original trilogy ended on a sour note with the highly divisive endings, though BioWare has since said that they’re not letting pressure from that get to them), with not only new characters but an entire new galaxy to explore, it’s likely that EA is also putting out the Mass Effect Andromeda trial period to get people to see that the game is going to be on par with the original games.

Hopefully with this trial period, Mass Effect fans will see that the Andromeda Galaxy and this new team that we’ll be putting together will be just as good, if not better than, the old series. Mass Effect Andromeda will be releasing sometime early in 2017 and will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC.