League Client Won’t Exit Beta Until Riot Games’ Satisfied

The new League Client will remain in open beta until Riot Games is confident that it’s offering a “smooth and responsive” experience for all players.

In this week’s edition of “Ask Riot“, the developer took up questions exclusively for the updated League of Legends client. According to the current road-map, Riot Games hopes to end the open beta within the first few months of 2017. However, that depends on whether the development team is able to meet specific goals for the new League Client.

An optimized performance is the developer’s top priority, with bug-fixes to follow. In its current state, the client offers a rather sluggish and unresponsive navigational experience. There have also been reports of frame-rate issues as well as other related technical problems that Riot Games must address before making the client official.

The 2017 deadline also involves the addition of missing client features such as Item Sets, game modes, and etc.

“Updating the client using new technology actually requires us to rebuild all of the legacy client’s feature from scratch,” explained the developer. “We had to go through and remake these features one by one.”

The most recent patch introduced the ability of spectating friends, accessing game settings from the main client window, and initiative a “low-spec” mode for those playing on aged systems.

As for the infamous Item Sets, Riot Games is unable to “officially commit to rebuilding them” because it’s yet to finish dealing with the client beta. The feature is likely going to return. However, it’s going to take time. From the looks of it, Summoners shouldn’t expect it to arrive until after the client exits open beta.

Upcoming updates will too include improvements for the client. Riot Games is hopeful that it will be able to wrap up the beta goals in early 2017. That being said, the developer made it clear that it has no specific date for the end of the beta.