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Dark Souls 3 Speedrunner Beats World Record With 70-Minute Run

The speedrunning world has a new world record, as a Dark Souls 3 speedrunner has broken the world record for the fastest time a Dark Souls 3 speedrun has been completed, breaking past the previous world record with a second to spare for a time of around sixty-nine minutes and thirty-five seconds.

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The Dark Souls 3 speedrunner that was responsible for the feat, a player known as Qtt Six, was able to achieve the feat through a combination of immense skill, luck with boss fights, and strategic quitting to cut through various load screens that could have impacted his speedrun time.

Altogether, in those seventy minutes Qtt was able to complete the entirety of the game, including the Ashes of Ariandel DLC (made even more impressive because of Ashes’s highly difficult three-stage final boss).

However, it’s not entirely clean; In order to cut down on more time, Qtt Six’s Dark Souls 3 speedrunner record includes use of the Vilhelm Skip and the Crow Quills Glitch for the Ariandel portion of the game. Using those two tricks, which involves dropping from a height that would kill a player ordinarily, then using the Weapon Art of the Crow Quills weapon to save yourself from dying from fall damage, players could shave an entire minute off their run time; use of this is likely how Qtt was able to beat the previous record.

Considering how difficult Dark Souls games are to begin with, any speedrun in them being completed in a very short amount of time is frankly amazing; the sheer combination of difficulty, length, and grinding requirements often cause games such as those to stretch well into the thirty or forty hour range, or even more depending on your skill level.

All in all, if you want to catch the Dark Souls 3 speedrunner video for yourself, you can find it further up in this article, so watch and be amazed!