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CompLexity Call of Duty Roster Disbands After Disastrous MLG Weekend

The CompLexity Call of Duty squad was only able to secure one game out of five during the MLG Las Vegas tournament over the weekend. Having lost an opportunity for a share of the $100,000 prize pot, the players have decided to go their separate ways and essentially scrap the CompLexity Call of Duty roster.

CompLexity had previously qualified for the event during online proceedings. In the playoffs, it was pitted again Evil Geniuses, Luminosity Gaming, and Team Allegiance. The North American multi-game esports organization lost to all three teams.

In the loser bracket, CompLexity managed to defeat Rogue. However, the victory meant little as any hope for progress was dismantled afterwards by OpTic Gaming.

Upon the conclusion of the tournament, the team’s John “Xotic” Bruno took to Twitter to announce himself entering the free agents market for future events. He also revealed that the remaining players on the team have decided to part ways, including Michael “Swarley” Carter, Devin “LlamaGoD” Tran, and Christopher “Parasite” Duarte.

An official announcement from the management is yet to arrive but it does look like recent poor performance has finally taken its toll on the players.

This is not the first time that the CompLexity Call of Duty roster has struggled at events. Even with previous lineups, the team failed to achieve any meaningful milestones. Last year, CompLexity fell short of placing in the top four of any of the six major Call of Duty events.

In contrast, the organization’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II team is widely considered as one of the best of all time.

There’s no word on whether CompLexity will field a new team or drop the game altogether.