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Call of Duty 12 Days Of Winter Gift Exploit Gives Thousands Of Keys

A number of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare players are going to be in hot water after using a 12 Days of Winter Gift exploit to gain thousands of keys that can be used to unlock various supply drop boxes and are an in-game currency similar to the Salvage currency.

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Originally, the gift that the exploit targets is a single box that was only supposed to give players 20 keys, enough to open 20 boxes. However, the Winter Gift exploit that has been used by the perpetrators instead causes them to get thousands of keys by opening the box an unlimited amount of times, which will likely mean they’ll never have to grind for keys ever again.

Infinity Ward has said that they’re now aware of the players that have used the exploit, though what punishment they’ll get and whether or not Infinity Ward will be able to take the keys away from them remains to be seen. Infinity Ward is currently working on a solution.

Some Call of Duty players have actually asked Infinity Ward how they can be aware of something like this and already be working to fix it, but the game still doesn’t have leaderboards; Infinity Ward has responded that implementing a new feature correctly and correcting a glitch are two different things.

While we don’t really know when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will actually get multiplayer leaderboards, we can at least hope that Infinity Ward will be on the case of fixing the Winter Gift exploit fairly quickly, and the ten other days of gifting can continue without someone discovering a way to ruin it for everyone else.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s 12 Days of Winter comes just after the teasing of the game’s first true DLC “Sabotage”, which will be coming out at the end of January.