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Blizzard Will Release Lucio Animated Short For Overwatch Soon

Blizzard is apparently working on another short video for Overwatch, the seventh one to date after Tracer and Widowmaker, Sombra, Winston, Bastion, the Shimada brothers, and Soldier 76. This time, it will be a Lucio animated short, focusing on the Brazilian musician and whatever he’ll likely be doing in the short.

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The various Overwatch shorts we’ve been seeing both before and after the game released mainly show off the abilities of each of the short’s focus characters, either pitting them against something or just storytelling (such as in the Bastion short that was unveiled at Blizzcon.) The Lucio animated short would likely be more of the same, though it may also delve into Lucio’s backstory.

In his own character backstory, Lucio grew up in a Brazilian favela, where he found a way to cheer up the people in the area through his music. However, the favela was eventually targeted by the Vishkar Corporation (the same corporation that Symmetra works for), who while under the guise of trying to improve the favela instead began exploiting the populace. Lucio, who didn’t think that was right, led a “revolution” against Vishkar and drove them out.

This incident is the cause of one of Lucio and Symmetra’s exchanges in-game where they trade jabs about peoples’ freedom to do what they wish. If there is indeed a Lucio animated short, Lucio and Symmetra may interact, or we may be seeing Lucio performing in a concert.

Either way, Lucio leading the fight against Vishkar in his favela allowed him to fill stadiums around the world and become the world-famous music star that he is today, so in addition to possible backstory we’ll likely see exactly what makes him so popular, and hear other examples of his music other than the support abilities that he uses in the game.

Blizzard is still working on the short so far, according to Lucio’s voice actor, but we’ll likely see it sometime soon.