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Dave Mervik: Initial Xbox One Scorpio Graphical Boost Will Not Be Huge

Microsoft is laser-focused to deliver Xbox One Scorpio with the specs they promised at E3 2016 at a console price point. Microsoft has been marketing the console as the most powerful console capable of running games at native 4K, but according to Dave Mervik, the initial Xbox One Scorpio graphical boost will not be huge.

Speaking with Game-Experience, Tarsier Studios’ Dave Mervik said that the initial Xbox One Scorpio graphical boost will not be impressive and after some time we will start to see the graphical enhancements as developers get a hang of the console.

Initially, we’ll probably see less of a boost than we’d hope for, but there are ways to improve the games for Scorpio without sacrificing the experience of the game on Xbox One. With time, developers usually find a way to get the most out of the consoles in one way or another.

He further added that with 6 TFLOPS of computational power we will see games running on native 4K at high frame rates and this will set a high bar for other console manufacturers to follow.

While the console will no doubt be most powerful console when it launches but many are concerned about the price of Xbox One Scorpio. According to the industry analyst, Micheal Patcher, the console will be priced at $399.

He further added that even this might not be low enough as Sony might discount its PS4 Pro when Xbox One launches and Microsoft has to price its console competitively.

Recently, Phil Spencer assured fans who are worried over the price of Xbox One Scorpio saying that they are not trying to compete with high-end PCs and Xbox One Scorpio will be priced at a console price point.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to deliver a console capable of 4K and still be reasonably priced? Let us know in the comments.