Top-10 Toughest SoulsBorne Bosses – Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, and Bloodborne

Praise the Sun, Chosen Undead and… die! In this article, I list the top-10 toughest SoulsBorne bosses in the franchise.

Top-10 Toughest SoulsBorne Bosses

The bosses that I have chosen for this top-10 list are from Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Dark Souls 3, and Bloodborne.

Moreover, the entire list is purely from my experience of the SoulsBorne series. Therefore, a boss that I have listed below as one of the toughest may or may not have been hard for you.

However, I would like you to sound off your list of toughest bosses in the comments section below! Lastly, it goes without saying that this list contains spoilers so if you have yet to play the series, back away now.

Tower Knight

I still remember playing the Demon’s Souls for the first time and this 60-foot-tall knight scaring the hell out of me. Combine this with ominous background score and the incredible art direction and you have a memorable fight.

Tower Knight

Even after all these years, this remains my most memorable fights across all SoulsBorne games.

Knight Artorias of the Abyss

This is the ultimate battle between you and the legendary figure you have heard some much about since the beginning of Dark Souls. If you wish to overcome this battle, you need to possess the mechanical skill to defeat the greatest knight in Lord Gwyn’s service. I will be honest here; this fight is not incredibly hard, but the man who went against the abyss definitely fights with style.

Knight Artorias the Abysswalker

Things that define this boss fight include a beautiful score, fantastic animations, memorable boss arena, and a perfect boss design. Once you are through him, the small grave and Ciaran who just wants you to leave him to rest make things even more depressing. On top of it all, he fights you with only one arm. Imagine if he used his both arms.

Twin Princes: Lothric and Lorian

This is easily one of the greatest boss fights in Dark Souls 3 – both mechanically and lore-wise. The royal family was breeding the idea of a Lord of Cinder, only to find Lothric to be born broken and cursed. Seeing his brother, Lorian, the Elder Prince takes the curse upon himself, intertwining their fates and becoming his sword and shield.

Twin Princes

Everything from the atmosphere to music, voice acting and the sheer presence of the princes is nothing short of impressive. Once you manage to defeat Lorian, the Elder Prince; Lothric enters the battle and brings more awesomeness to an already incredible battle. Oh, and the way the prince fights on his knees makes it look like a tragic struggle more than anything else.

Gwyn, Soul of Cinder

Everything about this about from Gwyn’s appearance to the arena, multi-weapons, and the aggression tell the story of a king who lost everything – even himself – with no desire or emotions whatsoever! The first phase of the battle is pretty straightforward and can be completed with relative ease if you know when to fight and when to maintain your distance.

Soul of Cinder

The second phase, on the other hand, can be pretty tough and can be over in an instant if you get hit by a 5-hit combo that the Lord of Cinder executes. As the final boss of Dark Souls III, this battle is the true test of your abilities.

Gehrman, The First Hunter

I absolutely adore the combat system of Bloodborne and the game’s final boss is a fine example of it. Gehrman is incredibly complex when it comes to its moveset and uses everything at his disposal to bring you down. Apart from his agility, diverse moveset, and masterful riposte techniques; Gehrman is one of the coolest looking bosses I ever experienced in SoulsBorne.

Gehrman, the First Hunter

It goes without saying that SoulsBorne games have some of the finest boss designs in gaming, but this guy comes out of nowhere, catches you off-guard, and plummets you into the ground. Difficulty aside, this boss can easily give Artorias of the Abyss a run for his money when it comes to being cool. Similar to Artorias’s boss battle, this one seems fair. With both of you at the peak of your power level, the fight against Gehrman boils down to one thing only: your mechanical skill and the ability to outplay your opponent.


Flamelurker was widely considered to be the toughest boss in SoulsBorne games by a majority of players at one point. This boss not only has a special place in my heart for being incredibly fierce, but also remains one of the toughest bosses I have ever experienced in my SoulsBorne experience.


Those of you who have gone against him will surely know that this guy simply does not give up and becomes even more enraged at about 30 percent of his HP. The entire fight is hectic in the sense that it forces you to be on your toes at all times and get punished even for the slightest of mistakes. While this holds true for almost every boss in SoulsBorne series, Flamelurker takes the concept of punishment to another level.

The Nameless King

This is easily the toughest and most memorable boss fights in Dark Souls 3. Surely, the camera is the true enemy during the first phase of the fight against King of the Storm, but once you get over the pesky camera issues, the entire fight becomes an incredibly enjoyable experience. Everything from the ambiance to the background score is top notch.

The Nameless King

Surely, you can try a ranged build or equip a Greatshield with 100% Lightning Damage reduction to make the fight a tad easier, but if you head in with your normal build; the boss will surely make you lose your wits.

Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough

When it comes to bosses in SoulsBorne franchise, this duo deserves all the respect. Boasting completely different attacks, patterns, and general fighting styles; both of them synergize incredibly well. On top of it, you must fight both of them at the same time. You can obviously summon Solaire to keep one of them engaged while you deal with the other one, however, this causes them to gain increased HP bar which is something you need to consider.

Ornstein and Smough

Moreover, it is my personal preference to fight them solo to truly feel the dynamic of the battle. Lastly, the second phase of the battle drastically changes depending upon whom you kill first and you must kill each one of them first in two playthroughs to get all the items they drop.

Orphan of Kos

In my opinion, Orphan of Kos is, by no means, any lesser than the hardest boss on my list. I had to think for a good 10-15 minutes before putting this boss second on my list. No matter for how long you have been playing the SoulsBorne games, this boss fight puts your all your skills to the ultimate test. This guy simply tosses everything the game has at you whether it be magic, ranged attacks, or melee attacks.

Orphan of Kos

If you manage to defeat Orphan of Kos, it means you have certainly mastered all the ways using which a SoulsBorne boss can take you down. The rush and the sense of accomplishment one gets after defeating this boss is definitely unparalleled.

Fume Knight

In my opinion, Fume Knight is the hardest SoulsBorne boss, hands-down. I admit not being a huge lover of Dark Souls 2 initially, but the Fume Knight redeemed my entire experience with the game in a couple of fights. As a player who stuck to using shields for the entirety of my Dark Souls 2: SotFS experience, I was literally demolished when it came to this boss.

Fume Knight

After a couple of dozen tries, I learned the following: there is next to no room for error, shields are useless against him, and my rolls needs to be perfect. And yes, on my blind playthrough, I could never figure out how to prevent him from healing and had to defeat him that way. So yes, is Fume Knight the toughest boss fight I experienced during my time with SoulsBorne? Definitely, a yes!

So this was my top-10 list of toughest SoulsBorne bosses. Don’t forget to share your own list with us in the comments section below!