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The Last Guardian Companion Book To Arrive In February 2017

The Last Guardian finally launched earlier this month after being 8 years in development. While the game got mixed reviews from critics but there are many players who just can’t get enough of it. Now publisher Future Press has announced The Last Guardian Companion book.

The publisher describes the book as an extraordinary story, which will offer “countless details about the inner workings and inspirations behind The Last Guardian’s mysterious world”.

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Publisher Future Press worked with the developers of the game for The Last Guardian Companion book. The developers helped the publishers by understanding the game’s story. The book will present “beautiful sketches depicting the designers’ intent, storyboard and screenshot comparisons of key moments, and never-before-seen illustrations”.

According to the publisher, The last Guardian Companion book will also work as an explanatory strategy guide.

We’ve taken our strategy guide expertise and applied it to The Last Guardian in a manner befitting its many mysteries. For those seeking a deeper understanding of how the game works, our visual walkthrough highlights the game’s narrative clues while exploring its most hidden corners.

Pre-orders for the book as now live and this companion book will launch on February 28, 2017, and is priced at $39.99.

The Last Guardian launched earlier this month after an almost a decade long development but the game could not translate the 8 years of hype into a successful launch as the game could not beat the competition and debuted in 7th spot.

The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game developed by Team ICO exclusively for PlayStation 4.