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Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC Is Plagued With Issues

Star Wars Battlefront recently received new DLC based on the latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars Rogue One. Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC adds new heroes, maps and more but the DLC came with technical issues of its own.

Many users have reported that after purchasing Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC their previously owned DLC have been locked down. EA has detailed a workaround for this issue which stems from a reissued license.

Other issues plaguing the game include Hutt Contracts not being unlocked with the Medical Droid, kills with the Sonic Imploder are not being registered, challenges are resetting and some times not responding to in-game actions.

Also, the Death Star Expansion is free for the weekend. EA has announced that from December 23 to 25 Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Expansion will be free for everyone. During this period 2x score for multiplayer will be active and if you log in during this period players will earn a one time 5000 credit bonus.

Other studios are also working on their own Star Wars game and Visceral Games is one of those studios with Amy Hennig being the game director.

When it was announced that Amy Hennig will be joining Visceral Games to work on the new Star Wars game many assumed that the game would be similar to the Uncharted games. However, Amy Hennig has clarified that it won’t be.

According to Amy, the new Star Wars game will be spiritually similar to Uncharted series and that’s just about it. She insisted that it won’t be “Star Wars uncharted” and said that it is an important distinction to be made.

Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person multiplayer shooter developed by DICE for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.