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Overwatch Revenue Figures Were Highest for Premium PC Games in 2016

The Overwatch revenue stream reportedly generated more money than any other premium PC game in the market during the entirety of 2016.

A year-end report from research firm SuperData on the Digital Games and Interactive Media Market analyzes the overall spending on premium wares. Being released earlier this year, Overwatch had to go up against several behemoths such as Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has garnered a significant loyal following over the years.

The Overwatch revenue numbers are said to be close to $585.6 million which is double of what Counter-Strike raked in with a phenomenal esports year. The entire premium PC market of video games was worth about $5.5 billion this year and Overwatch was responsible for over 10 percent of that.

Top grossing premium PC games of 2016 (January-November):

  • Overwatch: $585.6 million
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: $257.2 million
  • Guild Wars 2: $91.0 million
  • Minecraft: $88.7 million
  • Fallout 4: $74.9 million

The more impressive highlight of the milestone is that Overwatch was only released seven months ago. With Blizzard’s plans to expand its esports boundaries in 2017 with an official Overwatch League and several other licensed third-party tournaments, the team-based shooter should see a healthier player-base and higher year-end projections next year.

Do note that the $585.6 million revenue figure pertains to the premium market and not free-to-play. Including the latter means bringing in Riot Games’ beloved League of Legends which achieved its year-end projection of $1.7 billion last month. League of Legends also managed to become the top grossing game of 2016, a title that evaded Overwatch.