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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Likely Isn’t Until Late 2017

If you’re one of the people that got excited for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, we’ve got some bad news for you; the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date (which hasn’t even been officially announced yet) likely won’t be until late next year, going by other late-year game announcements.

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When Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was first announced at the Playstation Experience in Anaheim, California, it got a welcome reception, since the last Marvel vs Capcom game had been Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, which came out in 2011. While that game won very positive reviews, the fighting game community has eagerly awaited a new installment.

However, while the trailer looks impressive, the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date that was “shown” in the trailer only said 2017, giving no month or day. So, with that in mind, it’s likely that the game won’t likely be coming out until the late part of the year, either in the third or fourth quarter.

Unless Capcom has actually been developing the title for a huge amount of time and thus has nearly all of the work done on it, there’s still a great deal of work to do before the game can be released. Not every game can be like Fallout 4, after all, which was announced at last year’s E3 and released only months later.

There’s likely still a large amount of work to do before the game is ready to come out, and while we’ll likely see more gameplay at some other point in the coming year, the generic 2017 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date that we got likely only exists to give Capcom some wiggle room so that they don’t have to stick to a specific release date yet.

Until then, we can only watch and wait to see if Capcom puts out a specific release date for the game.