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Intel Core i3-7350K Is A Big Upgrade Compared To Previous Generation

We previously learned that Intel could be releasing an unlocked version of the lower-end Intel Core i3-7350K and here are some benchmarks that prove that rumor to be true.

Not only that but it seems that the Intel Core i3-7350K packs a punch as compared to previous generation CPUs of its category. In some cases, it was even able to outperform the i5-2500K, a dated CPU but with double the cores.

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Cinebench benchmarks show that the upcoming Intel Core i3-7350K is way better than the previous generation i3-6100 and that it scored more than the i5-2500K as well. This could be good news for lower-end gamers that are on a budget and cannot afford to look into getting an i5.

As they CPU is unlocked there is room for overclocking as well and we have seen that the CPU can go up to 4.8Ghz easily.’

Intel Core i3-7350K

Intel Core i3-7350K Gaming Benchmarks

Gears of War 4

Intel Core i3-7350K

Talking about gaming, running Gears of War 4 with the Intel Core i3-7350K we saw that at stock speeds the CPU was able to outperform the AMD FX-8370 as well as the i5-2500K not to mention the previous generation i3-6100.

Overclocking the CPU lead to even better performance and it was able to keep up to the core i7-2600K as well. The average FPS while running at stock was 66 and after overclocking the CPU managed decent 72 frames. The CPUs were paired with the Nvidia Titan XP for this test.

Battlefield 1

Intel Core i3-7350K

Testing the CPU with Battlefield 1 gave us similar results but this time the CPU was not able to keep up with the 2500K at stock speeds and a bit of overclocking was done in order to leave the 2500K behind.

After overclocking the CPU was able to beat the core i5-4670K with an average FPS of 85, Seeing how this is a dual core CPU and the game was running at max setting at 1080p I have to say that these numbers are impressive.

Video Rendering With The Intel Core i3-7350K

Let me remind you that this is a dual core CPU so it will not do wonders if you are doing video editing or other stuff that requires multiple cores.

At stock speeds, the Intel Core i3-7350K was able to render a 4K test video in 1195 seconds which was still better than the 6100 that took 1308 seconds. If you work with videos you know that it is a significant difference.

Overclocking the CPU got us even better times. This time the CPU took 1090 seconds and beat the 2500K that took 1098 seconds. It also beat the AMD FX-8370 that took 1107 seconds. So you can see that there is a lot of headroom when it comes to overclocking and you can get a lot of performance out of this CPU.

Power Consumption

When it comes to power consumption the Intel Core i3-7350K is not as efficient as the previous generation CPUs. It takes more power than the 6100 at stock speeds. After overclocking the CPU consumed 162 watts.

That would put it in i7 territory but it was overclocked to 4.8GHz to that was bound to happen one way or another. For complete benchmark result click here.


It seems that the Intel Core i3-7350K will be great for entry level gamers that are looking to play games at 1080p 60 FPS and nothing more. It also offers a decent overclocking potential for people that are willing to buy a Z270 motherboard.

The power consumption is not all that great as compared to previous generation CPU but the power that you are getting will make it worth it. It would be advised to have a proper cooling solution if you are going to be overclocking the Intel Core i3-7350K in the future once it comes out.