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Games Industry Profits Reached 94 Billion In 2016

It’s been a good year for video games, both in terms of quality and profitability. According to the research firm Superdata, games industry profits have reached over ninety-four billion dollars in 2016, around three billion dollars up from last year in 2015. The figure was placed in Superdata’s year-end reports.

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Mobile gaming was apparently the biggest contributor to games industry profits this year, contributing around 41 billion. A substantial portion of this was Pokemon Go, which despite its rather fleeting popularity (which might still get a resurgence with the game adding new Pokemon) earned a substantial amount of money from its various microtransactions, though Clash Royale, the new iteration of Supercell’s Clash of Clans game, was also a substantial contributor.

When it came to PC games, the market turned in a still-impressive 34 billion, which was mainly due to its free-to-play online games (such as Hearthstone and other games like it). The free-to-play market of the PC section contributed 19 billion of that 34 billion dollars from PC gaming.

When it came to the physical media section of games industry profits, retail-sold games contributed a fairly solid 26 billion dollars to the total, though by far the “least” profitable section of the market was with downloadable console games, which earned 6.6 billion, showing that physical media still has a long way to go before digital media really does replace it.

While it’s likely that other segments of the market like eSports, VR, and streaming have also contributed to the market, they’re still emerging markets so it may be a while before they make any noticeable financial impact.

Either way, games industry profits experiencing a jump like this shoes that the game market is continuing to grow, especially considering the number of quality games that came out this year, and the amount of money the market brings in will likely continue to grow for the foreseeable future.