Apple Looking To Cash In On Hollywood In 2017, Changing Movie Viewing

The company seems to have been getting into some very interesting fields. First the acquisition of Beats and the introduction of Apple music. We also heard that Apple is looking into cinema technology and that it is possible that the company is working on self-driving cars as well.

With that said the heading of this article should come as no surprise. Rumor has it that Apple is looking to buy a Hollywood Studio in the upcoming year. This could be a sign that the company is entering a new market.

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The company has been working on something that will allow viewers at home to watch movies that have just hit the big screens. Keeping this in mind I think it would be a logical move to buy a Hollywood studio in the upcoming year. It will only strengthen the companies position in making that happen. Besides that, the acquisition of a studio could also be advantages in the short run as well.


Looking at how the iPhone is not getting any better it is possible that the company is looking to get into other markets and that would not be the first time that a company has tried to do that. But it would be interesting to see what could be done with a whole studio. What could Apple be planning that needs such a huge investment?

This is just a rumor so you need not take this too seriously at the moment. Even though Apple has all the resources in the world, buying a Hollywood studio is still not something companies do every day. I am still skeptical about this piece of information. But do indeed let us know what you think Apple is doing behind closed doors.