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January Will Be A Good Month For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Says Phil Spencer

Xbox One Backwards compatibility has been a massive hit among the Xbox One users and Microsoft is making sure that they make available as many games as possible for the program.

However, there are still many games that are yet to be made available for Xbox One Backwards compatibility program that fans have been requesting for quite a while. It seems that Microsoft will soon add these games to the program.

Recently, a fan asked Phil Spencer if games like Call Of Duty Black Ops, Bioshock and Skate 3 will be made available to backwards compatibility, to this he responded that January looks very good for the program.

@BestXboxGamerEU January looks pretty good for BC.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December 20, 2016

While Phil Spencer did not reveal which games will be added to the backwards compatibility, but it seems that things will become very interesting as the new year starts.

Recently, Phil Spencer revealed that there are now over 300 titles available for Xbox One through backwards compatibility and half of the console users have used the functionality.

Xbox One is estimated to have sold 25 million units which mean almost 12.5 million Xbox one users have used the backwards compatibility program to play their favorite Xbox 360 games on the new console.

What do you think of Xbox One backwards compatibility program? What Xbox 360 games you feel should be available for this functionality? Let us know in the comments.