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Warframe Will Be Getting PS4 Pro, HDR, DX12 And Vulkan Support Soon

Warframe: The War Within was released for PC and consoles and in an interview, Digital Extremes talked about the upcoming features that will be coming for the game. It seems that the game will be getting HDR support for the PS4. The game will also get DX12 and Vulkan support in the future but it seems that there will be no cross-platform support coming any time soon.

Our work on getting HDR support for the Xbox One S is going to pave the way for PlayStation 4 and PC as well. There’s not a lot I can say since it’s still in its early stages, but it will allow for wider brightness and color ranges. This will help bring out the details in brighter areas, as well as adding richer, deeper shadows.


As of right now Warframe has base support for the PS4 Pro but devs are working on more features for the console as we speak and we will be seeing more for the PS4 sometime in te future. Here is what the devs have to say regarding the PS4 Pro platform:

Warframe currently offers base support for PS4 Pro. Essentially, because of the PS4 Pro’s beefier hardware, Warframe runs better currently without any additional work from our side.  However, we are planning to take advantage of what the PS4 Pro offers in an official way in 2017. So yeah, I personally am looking forward to seeing how badass Warframe will look using the PlayStation 4 Pro’s tech.


It is unfortunate that the game will not feature cross-play support. If you are on PC then you will only be able to play with gamers that are on the PC and the same goes for consoles as well.

Cross-play requires all platforms to be updated simultaneously, which is not what our development schedule allows for at the moment. Given the extra balancing passes needed to make this functionality fair for all platforms and the delay in releasing content that would be necessary for simultaneous updates, I, unfortunately, don’t see Warframe cross-play existing in the foreseeable future.

Warframe is a cool game and you should check it out if you have not done so already. If you have already played Warframe then tell us what you think about the game.