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The Division Survival DLC Is Now Available on Playstation 4

The Division Survival DLC, the latest DLC for the game since its “Underground” DLC that came out back in August, has finally been released on the Playstation 4 after being exclusive to the PC and Xbox One for a month now. Players can buy it on the Playstation Store for around fifteen dollars.

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The Survival DLC mainly consists of a new 24-player multiplayer mode, the “Survival” mode. Taking place in the dead of winter, you and twenty-three other people are sent into Manhattan in order to secure a shipment of antiviral drugs.

However, on your way into the city your helicopter is shot down, leaving you stranded in the city. Now, in the dead of winter with a blizzard smashing New York, you must survive and make your way to the center of Manhattan, find the drugs, call a chopper, and get out.

The problem? The Division Survival DLC lives up to its name. At the start of the mode you’re equipped with bad weapons and are at a low level, meaning you’ll have to be careful and repeatedly scavenge for any sort of good gear that you can find as you make your way into the city. You’ll have to be careful as well, since you won’t have your good gear from the main game.

In addition to the cold and a lack of good gear, players will have to deal with their hunger, their thirst, and the spread of disease sepsis, which you caught as a result of your injuries from the helicopter crash. Sepsis is a disease where the body’s immune system also attacks its own tissues and organs.

The Division Survival DLC can be played in either PVP or PVE, which each adds new challenges; do you want to go up against unpredictable players that may end up getting better gear than you?

Or do you want to butcher your way through regular enemies in a safe, but possibly boring and predictable (for a relatively term) game? If you’re on the Playstation 4, you can pick up the DLC now and make that decision for yourself.