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Report: Super Mario Run Revenue For Its First 3 Days Is $14 Million

Super Mario Run has already broken the record for the App store downloads as the game has crossed 37 million downloads in just 3 days. Now the game has achieved another milestone as the Super Mario Run revenue is a whopping $14 million in its first three days.

According to analytics firm App Annie, Super Mario Run revenue for its first three days is $14 million. According to the firm, it is estimated that 1 million players have paid $10 to unlock the full game. Super Mario Run is expected to make $70 million in its first month of launch and it seems that it is well on its way to achieving it.

According to the statistics from App Annie, 4% of the game’s 37 million players have converted to paying players.


According to the firm, the players in the US accounted for $8 million (55%) of that $14 million and accounts 25% of the global spend. The United Kingdom accounts for 4% of the global spend and Japan accounted for 20% of the global spend.

Additionally, the firm revealed that Super Mario Run has 3 million daily active users and Pokemon GO has lost 15 million players.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows specifically for the users, as many are complaining about Super Mario Run’s data usage. According to a player, buying the game combined with initial data download and playing through the tutorial used around 95 MB which is definitely a concern for players who are not always on Wi-Fi.

The same player also says that he did not experience much data usage after playing the first level. I’m sure there are players who should be willing to give it a whirl and post results.

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-running mobile game developed by Nintendo for iOS and will be available for Android in 2017.