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Super Mario Run Players Are Reporting Increased Data Usage

According to a recent report, Super Mario Run players are not happy with the increased data usage that the game utilises.

Since the game requires an ‘Always Online’ connection to play, players are experiencing increased data usage which is something Nintendo needs to look into at the earliest.

Super Mario Run Causes Increased Data Usage

According to a player, buying the game combined with initial data download and playing through the tutorial used around 95 MB which is definitely a concern for players who are not always on Wi-Fi.

The same player also says that he did not experience much data usage after playing the first level. I’m sure there are players who should be willing to give it a whirl and post results.

The report further stats that despite topping the charts, Super Mario Run has more than 50,000 reviews with an average rating of around 2.5 stars. Since the game has yet to launch on Android-based devices, this is something Nintendo must look into.

In another recent report, Super Mario Run managed to cross more than 37 million downloads in just 3 days. With a vast majority of the downloads coming from the US, the report covers a variety of interesting stats i.e. average playtime, playtime on different devices, $$$ earned in a single day, and more. To read up more, head over to the post!

Super Mario Run is currently only available on App Store. Nintendo has confirmed that the smartphone app will launch for Android devices as well in 2017.

Did you get a chance to try out Super Mario Run? Experienced increased data usage? Let us know in the comments section below!

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