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New Battlefield 1 Expansion ‘They Shall Not Pass’ Screenshots Show Off the Devastation of the Western Front

The new Battlefield 1 expansion that’s going to be coming out early next year, called “They Shall Not Pass”, has gotten a handful of screenshots to show off the devastated landscapes of the Western Front to show a much more devastated battlefield unlike what we got in very much detail in the base game.

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“They Shall Not Pass” is the first paid expansion for Battlefield 1, after the “Giant’s Shadow” DLC got released for free several days ago.

The expansion, which focuses around the Battle of Verdun, will not only be giving players new maps but will also be giving players the French Army faction, which wasn’t included in the base game despite being one of the largest contributors to the war.

The Battle of Verdun was one of the largest and longest battles of the First World War, lasting from February to December of 1916. The battle was a French victory that saw hundreds of thousands dead, and along with other battles like the Somme has come to signify the horror and devastation of the First World War.

The new Battlefield 1 expansion will be giving players a variety of new maps, ranging from the hellish landscape of the Devil’s Anvil to the devastated hallways of Fort Vaux, to the Battle of Soissons in 1918 that DICE says they used to capture the scale of the French tank assaults late in the war.

DICE had previously gotten criticism when Battlefield 1 first released for not including the French Army in the game’s initial release, in favor of other factions like the British Army, the German Army, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies, and the Ottoman Empire.

While the Russian Army was also left out of the game, for now it seems like they’ll have to wait for another expansion.

You can see the various screenshots of the maps you’ll be playing on in the new Battlefield 1 expansion higher up in the article.