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Minecraft Update 1.11.1 Hits PC Today, Adds Rocket-Powered Elytra Flight

The Minecraft update 1.11.1 has hit the PC today, adding a wide variety of different things ranging from rocket-powered elytra flight, to new sword enchantments, iron nuggets, and more, along with the wide variety of bug fixes that are normal for the game’s updates, helping to fix various exploits and glitches in the game.

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To start off with, Minecraft update 1.11.1 has given players the gift of rocket-powered elytra flight, giving a much-needed and wanted boost to the elytra item. Originally, the elytra only allowed players to glide (and considering how often you can fall to your death in Minecraft it’s a much-valued item), but with a rocket-powered elytra players can fly through the sky with the help of fireworks.

While elytra flight is probably the biggest change included in Minecraft update 1.11.1, there are a number of other improvements that have also been made to the game. These include the addition of iron nuggets (similar to gold nuggets which can be formed to combine a gold block), the inclusion of a new sword enchantment called Sweeping Edge, and a new attack indicator in the game’s UI that will help you know when to swing your sword again.

While the console variations of the game are going strong, the PC version of the game is pretty far ahead of them in a lot of ways, including new biomes, new random occurrences, new mobs, new structures and craftable items, and more with every new update. While what comes out on the PC eventually trickles its way down into the console versions, Minecraft is one of the few games that you can accurately say that playing on PC completely changes the game.

If you have Minecraft on PC you’ve likely already encountered these changes by now, but if you haven’t, you can still buy the game and take part in all of the stuff available on the PC.