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Mass Effect: Andromeda Planet Sizes and Romance Discussed

Mass Effect: Andromeda planet sizes are a mystery and there isn’t much information available. However, minor details have arrived courtesy of the PlayStation Magazine.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda developer EA is trying to find the right balance when it comes to planet sizes. According to Bioware’s Michael Gamble:

We’re trying to see where the limits are, and we don’t want to make something too small where there’s not enough exploration, but we also don’t want to make it too big where it’s empty and lifeless. We want to find that balance.

Another crucial aspect of Mass Effect series in its Romance system. You can initiate a romantic relationship with different characters, you will be able to do the same in Andromeda as well. Gamble stated that relationships progress naturally in Andromeda.

We want to make sure we texture conversations with different levels of tone and different levels of choice in the responses that you actually pick… You’re always looking for opportunities in the dialogue to be flirtatious, or colder – and that should be obvious. By just reading the dialogue you’ll know if you’re taking it to the next level

Mass Effect: Andromeda is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The title is coming our way sometime in Sping 2017, a final release is yet to be announced.

On a related note, EA DICE has confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda VR will not happen. Head over here to read about the reasons behind this decision from Bioware.

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