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LCS Spring Split 2017 May Feature 10-Ban Drafting System

Rumors dictate that Riot Games has given the green light to multiple regions to prepare for a 10-ban drafting system for the upcoming LCS Spring Split.

According to PVP Live, sources close to the matter have confirmed that the developer is planning as such. Additionally, Riot Games has also been busy asking for feedback on the upcoming changes from professional players directly.

As such, some players have requested that the 10-ban drafting phase be implemented from the Summer Split instead. However, multiple sources confirm that Riot Games is looking to introduce the said feature as soon as next month when the competitive League of Legends season begins.

In October, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there is significant interest in increasing the total number of bans in League of Legends. At the time, he called it a “likely” change that must wait until the new client is out.

Well, the League Client Update has progressed since then. Majority of the public has already switched from the Legacy Client, and the past two patches have brought further improvements.

With the addition of Camille, League of Legends now boasts a total of 134 champions. The drafting phase only allows each team to ban three champions. A request for more bans has been one of the most oldest requests from the community. Suffice to say, a major shift in the meta will arrive once each team is able to remove five champions from the board.

One thing that remains to be cleared is the changes to the banning format. If we follow the current alternative phase, a 10-ban drafting system is only going to going to increase the time taken before the game starts. Previously, the developer expressed consideration towards reducing the overall drafting time.

There’s also the issue of the banning process itself. Do we take turns, ban all five in a single go, or mix bans with picks?