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Dota 2 Update 7.01 Changes XP Gains, Nerfs Various Heroes

The first balance patch of the new season arrives just a week after the release of the biggest Dota 2 update in history of the game.

Update 7.01 brings several changes and balances for a number of heroes, promising a more balanced gameplay experience during the holidays.

To begin with, the system of gaining experience per level has been slightly adjusted. The progression from level 6-12 and level 12-20 now requires more experience points to attain. However, the amount of experience needed to hit level 25 has been reduced. Do note that the overall experience needed to hit maximum is still the same.

A few bugs with Coaching, guides, and the game crashing have been squashed. New API calls for Bot Scripting added and a visual cooldown duration introduced for pinned Scrolls.

Regarding the heroes, newly added Monkey King has been hit with major nerfs. The counter duration on his Jingu Mastery now only lasts ten seconds. Additionally, the ability no longer ignores armor for lifesteal. The flat 200 percent critical strike figure on Boundless Strike is also gone. Instead, the ability scales with levels.

The cost and cooldown of Howl have both been increased for Lycan. Additionally, damage attained from his level 10 Talent as well as his agility gains have been reduced. The base damage of Visage is down, as well as the health of the hero’s familiars.

There’s also Slark with reduced strength, Treant with reduced movement speed, and Luna with reduced base armor.

On the other hand Necrophos returns to Captain’s Mode. Windranger sees slight love with increased Intelligence through her level 15 Talent. On the same note, Nature’s Prophet sees significant buffs through his level 15 Talent as well. Enchantress gets increased movement speed and base intelligence, as well as a reduced spawn timer through buffed Talents.

You can read the full patch notes for the new Dota 2 update here. It weighs in at just around 150 MB.