AMD Polaris 12 Hinted In Linux Patches, Multiple Variants Planned?

Linux version of AMD GPU drivers hints at the presence of AMD Polaris 12 architecture which shares same block limitations and setup code just like Polaris 11. Most likely, AMD Polaris 12 will be a redone or refined version of Polaris 11. But that may not mean that it will be better than Polaris 11 as Polaris 10 is actually better when it comes to performance. It simply implies that it was developed later on.

AMD Polar 10 series is designed for consumers wanting to play the latest games on high settings or entry level VR games. Moreover, Polaris 11 focuses on eSports games. Reddit users spotted the Polaris 12 existence in Linux version of AMD GPU Drivers.

AMD Polaris 12

Here is some thick info to digest which Reddit users spotted:

It is unclear whether the new AMD Polaris 12 series will be a better iteration of graphics cards yielding better performance or more focused on mobile chips with lower power capacity and decent gaming experience. The latter is more likely though.

AMD Polaris 12

Furthermore, AMD’s devising structure of branding desktop GPUs does not simply follow numbers going up; Unlike NVIDIA where numbers go down.

AMD iterates the number on two bases: the revision from older to new version or development of new processor. Hence, you never know if AMD Polaris 12 is designed as iteration or new development until AMD reveals. Here is a video with AMD’s Raja Koduri who hints at AMD Polaris 12 and explains AMD’s nomenclature.