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Riot Explains Why URF Mode Is Not Returning to League of Legends

It’s been quite a while since we last saw the chaotic URF mode release for League of Legends. Between rotating modes and the new League Client Update, many have started wondering when they’ll get another opportunity to wreak mayhem on the Rift.

Apparently the root cause of the mode’s unavailability is because of the new client. Responding to the matter on the official forums, senior QA analyst Riot Stephiroth confirmed that “URF does not currently work correctly in the updated Client”.

As such, each mode needs to be tackled individually to include compatibility measures. Last week, Riot Games announced the inclusion of Ascension for the updated client. Suffice to say, the URF mode shall return to the Rift in the near future. The time frame depends on how soon Riot Games starts working on the mode.

What is Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode?
Originally released for April Fools’ Day, the mode buffs all champions to hectic levels. Ability costs such as mana, energy, and health are removed. Cooldown reduction values for all kits are increased, with some bonuses capped at certain numbers.

Attack speed for all champions is doubled, Movement speed vastly increased, gold income raised five-folds, and such. Additionally, players can progress past the level 18 threshold.

The mode is pretty much a spam-fest with champions unleashing abilities one after another in constant succession. The idea is to have fun; though, some champions can prove to be incredibly overwhelming.

Karthus, for example, was removed because of his global ultimate ability that could be triggered continuously. Then there’s Sona and Alistar who can pretty much lock a target down in the form of permanent stuns.