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Busy Yourself With Street Fighter V Season 2 Patch Notes

Capcom has officially released the much anticipated Street Fighter V Season 2 patch notes. Thus, commencing the new season alongside the festive occasion.

As revealed through an information leak over the weekend, the new season introduces Player Profile Icons. Rage quitters and honorable players will both be branded with distinguishing icons.

The updated matchmaking system will take this into account when pairing the worst offenders against each other. Thus, allowing the rest, who rarely disconnect, to play in peace. As such, players disconnecting during a matche will have their League Points deducted as if it was a loss.

Akuma finally makes his debut as the newest roster addition to the game, bringing his own Story mode and costumes. Steam now officially supports Direct Input controllers. Players can select their own music playlist in all supported game modes. The Fighter Profiles have been updated to feature more information and fixes.

Coming to the character-specific changelog, the Street Fighter V Season 2 patch notes cover a monstrous 92 pages. The document includes balances, tweaks, and changes to every character in the game.

It’s impossible to cover all of them in a single post. Hence, it’s advised to simply search for a character in the uploaded PDF in order to learn how your character has been changed for the new season.

Capcom, though, has provided three major changes to the overall gameplay which effect invincible moves, normal throws, and general attacks:

  • Many adjustments have been made to invincible moves that don’t use meter. Since there was a big difference between characters who had invincible moves and those who didn’t, such as a Shoryuken, many changes have been made to moves that were invincible with no cost.
  • Parameters and hit situations for all normal throws have been adjusted. Changes have been made to characters who can loop throws at the edge of the screen. Even after the adjustments, there will be some characters who can loop throws, as those parameters have been adjusted less compared to other characters.
  • Due to changes to the game, some general attacks have been adjusted for each character. Along with changes 1 and 2, and the other changes to the game, characters who were able to attack more often and had a long reach became significantly stronger. Due to this, regardless of the strength of the character, general attacks for all characters have been adjusted.

Considering the length of changes, you’re welcome to busy yourself this holiday month going through the Street Fighter V Season 2 patch notes. Don’t forget that the Season 2 Character Pass is available for purchase. It nets you access to five additional playable characters who will be making their way to the game next year. The five characters do not cover Akuma’s release.