Street Fighter 5 Season Pass 2 Now Available, Servers Down Tomorrow

The Street Fighter 5 season pass 2 is now available for players to buy in order to get discounts on future DLC or getting it for free, but in addition to that, the game’s servers are going to be down tomorrow for maintenance. Season Pass 2 is going to be around thirty dollars, hopefully the combined DLC price.

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Street Fighter 5 Season Pass 2 is primarily a character season pass, and will give Street Fighter villain Akuma, along with five other characters that haven’t been revealed yet, their tickets into the Street Fighter 5 roster. Akuma has been taking a break from Street Fighter up until now to be a part of the Tekken 7 story mode, though that game hasn’t been released in the West yet.

The Season Pass will grant holders the ability to get all of the new characters, along with their premium Battle Costumes, and new costume colors, for free. The pass can be bought on the Playstation Store or through the “Special” section in the in-game shop. However, for now, the Season Pass hasn’t shown up in the Steam store yet.

Street Fighter 5’s previous season has been fairly good for the game, adding in a number of different characters such as Juri and Urien that weren’t in the game to begin with, along with new maps and costumes.

Considering the game’s rather shaky start when it came to servers, it getting up to speed when it came to adding new fighters is definitely something to be excited about.

While many people may not think that Street Fighter 5 Season Pass 2 isn’t worth thirty dollars, it’s actually well in-line with other season passes, and considering you’re getting five new fighters out of it that’s actually fairly good for a fighting game as well, making it six dollars per character.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until Season 2 actually starts in Street Fighter 5 to see who all these other characters actually are.