Spider Man: Homecoming Trailer Pretty Much Gives Away the Entire Plot

Spider Man: Homecoming Trailer was shared recently by Marvel and Sony. It was interesting but it sort of gave away the entire plot of the film. The last time this happened when DC released Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, revealing doomsday.

We can sum up the entire plot just by looking at the new Spider Man: Homecoming trailer. So from here on, there are potential spoilers.

Spider Man: Homecoming trailer opens with flashbacks to Captain: America Civil War from Spider Man’s perspective. Tony Stark, the god-father of young Peter Parker, drops him off at home and lets him keep the suit as well. He also explains to him that crime fighting is not something he should pursue for the time being.

Despite what Tony Stark said, Peter Parker is having fun beating up the bad guys. All fun and games end when a serious threat appears in the city. Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture teams up with Herman Schultz aka The Shocker to bring havoc to New York City. Peter Parker is overwhelmed while trying to maintain his normal and crime fighting lives.

However, Peter doesn’t see it that way and Tony Stark has to step in to confront him. Once again, Tony tries to put some sense into Peter but Peter is sick of being treated as a child.

We guess he got his butt kicked by the Vulture and in the end both Spider-Man and Iron Man team up to take down Shocker and Vulture. There is a lot more we have for you in the video above.

Spider Man: Homecoming is releasing next year.

On a related note, PlayStation 4 is getting a Spider Man game that will possibly release alongside the film next year. Head over here to read more about the game.