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GTA V Has Already Sold 6 Million Copies In The UK, Doesn’t Fail to Impress

GTA V has recently achieved an incredible result. According to Chat-Track data, this game has already sold something like 6 millions copies only in the UK, and it’s really impressive since this number only refers to retail copies.

Also, as stated by Take-Two, more than 70m units have been sold worldwide since GTA V launch in 2013.

However, even if people want this game to release as soon as possible, GTA 6 will probably launch in 2020.

Rockstar’s former President Leslie Benzies stated that GTA 6 is still in early stages of development and the team is actually focused on GTA V.

We have some good ideas, but we don’t know what GTA 6 will be. It comes from the idea first. Then you can define settings and missions; you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami. The map and story get worked up together, and the story is a basic flow of how it works out so you can layer the mission in.

Rumors claim that this game will let you explore the world, providing a huge map and a fully functional ecosystem. Whether it’s true or not, it’s too early to speculate about this game, especially since GTA Online has still a lot of fun to offer to its player base.

If you don’t have your copy of GTA V yet, you can buy it at low price from the PlayStation Store right now.

GTA V is an action game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.