Seasons Of Heaven Reveal Trailer Was Not Running On Nintendo Switch, But Was Rendered On A PC

French game developing studio, AnyArts Productions, recently revealed the first trailer for their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Seasons of Heaven.

The trailer is filled with breathtaking visuals and makes us wonder if Nintendo Switch is really capable of running games with such graphical fidelity. Turns out the footage showcased in the trailer in not running on Nintendo Switch.

According to the well-informed journalist, Laura Kate Dale, the trailer for Seasons Of Heaven was not running on Nintendo Switch bit it was rendered on a PC. The developers are still waiting for the Nintendo Switch dev kit.

To those asking about the Seasons of Heaven trailer, it's PC footage. Devs are in line for a Switch dev kit but they do not have one atm.

— Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) December 19, 2016

However, this raises a question that will Nintendo Switch be powerful enough to render such high fidelity graphics.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch’s performance, a rumor is making rounds on the internet that suggests the hybrid console will be less powerful compared to standard PlayStation 4.

The report further suggests that Nintendo Switch will be using a Maxwell architecture based graphics card as Nvidia’s Tegra processor is not yet ready for Pascal architecture which is used in the GTX 10 series graphics cards.

Another report suggests that Nintendo Switch will not be taking full advantage of the Tegra X1 as the clock-speeds are locked at 768MHz when docked. Things change drastically when Switch isn’t connected to the dock, since its clock-speeds drops to 307.2MHz, running 40% slower.

Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017 but not specific release date or price has been announced by Nintendo.