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Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Is “Actually Very Similar” To Classic Resident Games, Says Series Producer

Resident Evil 7 is one of the most anticipated games to launch next year. While the series is returning to its horror survival roots with the upcoming game but fans have their concerns about Resident Evil 7 gameplay since the game leaves the third person perspective for a first person perspective.

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Speaking with Reno Gazette-Journal, series producer Masachika Kawata addressed the fans’ concern over Resident Evil 7 gameplay. According to the producer, the gameplay is very similar to classic Resident Evil games.

If you just look at the gameplay, it’s actually very similar to the feel of the classic Resident Evil titles. We asked ourselves what makes Resident Evil special, so we actually drew a lot of inspiration from the first Resident Evil game during the development of Resident Evil 7.

He further explained that the fixed camera from the classic Resident Evil games and the first person perspective are almost the same as both have blind spots as opposed to a third person which adds more to the tension.

In terms of the first person perspective and the fixed camera perspective, what you’re able to see may be different but there is still a blind spot for both camera angles. The similarities between the two are that you still have a sense of horror from not knowing what’s in that blind spot.

He added that the first person perspective adds more to the immersion and gives player a more life like experience.

With a camera that has come closer to the player, it simulates more of a real life experience, which allows more immersion, which in turn allows us to achieve a greater level of fear.

Resident Evil 7 is an upcoming first-person survival horror game in development at Capcom and will launch on January 24, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.