As The PC Demo Drops Resident Evil 7 Pre-order Is Now 26% Off

Resident Evil 7 demo is now available for PC so now you can check out what your console brethren have been experiencing with Capcom’s latest game.

I have played the Resident Evil 7 demo on PC and frankly, I enjoyed it and I am sure many have enjoyed it too. To capitalize on this hype for the game digital retailer GMG is offering the pre-order for the PC version of Resident Evil 7 at 26% off through 10% off coupon for the Winter sale.

Which means the standard edition of Resident Evil 7 is available for $44.36 and the Deluxe Edition for $66.41.

All you have to do is navigate to Green Man Gaming’s website and use the voucher code “WINTER10” to get 26% off on the pre-order for both the standard edition and the Deluxe edition.

Capcom aims to redeem itself in the eyes of the Resident Evil fans because of the disappointment the Resident Evil 6 was. With Resident Evil 7 Capcom is taking the series back to its survival horror roots and that means there will be less action in the game.

Recently, game’s producer Masachika Kawata revealed that Resident Evil 7 combat will feature a huge arsenal of weapons available to players but also said that the weapons will not be easy to find.

The one thing I do want to point out though is the fact that the weapons aren’t going to be that easy to find. So until you find them and have that advantage you’re probably going to be running around considerably a lot more.

Resident Evil 7 is an upcoming first-person survival horror game in development at Capcom and is scheduled to launch on January 24, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.