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Report: Pokemon Go Christmas Event Might Be Coming Soon

Super Mario Run has taken the mobile gaming by storm but let’s not forget about Pokemon Go which is one of the biggest game launches of this year. Recently, the game got updated and data miners are always ready to find secrets and it seems that a Pokemon Go Christmas event is coming.

According to the date mined by the Silph Road team, with the latest update, Present/gift graphic assets have been added to Pokemon GO. The data miner further adds that code wise not much is there but these assets’ filenames are tiered from Bronze to Gold.

A tiny meta has been discovered called “HasHolidayItems” which strongly hints towards the Pokemon Go Christmas event. Also, a new variant of a shop icon has been discovered.

Pokemon Go’s launch is one of the biggest game launches of this year and while the developers are happy about it but also it was not easy for them. According to Niantic Lab’s chief marketing officer Mike Quigley, the summer was quite painful and revealed that they seriously underestimated some aspects of the game.

We were overwhelmed by how [Pokémon Go] took off. The success of the product caught us out of position in a couple of areas. The summer was quite painful–no one slept much.

He also compared the success of Pokemon Go with World Of Warcraft, saying that the game’s lifespan will not be like other free-to-play mobile titles.

I think our lifespan and curve may be quite different from a free-to-play mobile game–it may be more in a Warcraft vein. We are more an MMO than anything else. Every two weeks there’s new content or bug fixes going in the game. There’re key content releases we’re planning.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.