Upcoming Nvidia Shield; Controller Modifications And More

Reports claim that the controller for the Nvidia Shield might be getting some changes. Leaked images show that this could be possible. Although the box itself and the remote look to be the same there have been some slight adjustments to the controller. This might make it a bit better than what we saw previously but in no way does it compete with the Xbox One controller, at least that is what I think.

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Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield still uses the Nvidia Tegra to power it and performance benchmarks suggest that it needs an upgrade from what we got in the previous version of the Nvidia Shield. We do not know if we are going to see these improvements coming up but they are needed. The following is how the Nvidia Shield performs as compared to other mobile devices.

Nvidia Shield

Here we can see that the Shield is underpowered as compared to the Apple iPhones and the iPad. We could be getting some hardware upgrades and Nvidia might be showing off the Shield at the CES event coming up next year. But as of right now these are just speculations.

What do you think about the Shield and the updated controller?