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Way Too Soon To Talk About Next Elder Scrolls And Fallout Games

Despite how many people are already clamoring for the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, Bethesda isn’t talking about it, saying that it’s way too soon. And they aren’t wrong, especially considering that Fallout 4 was only released a year ago, and Skyrim just got a re-release with updated graphics.

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One of the best and worst things you could probably think about Bethesda games are that you want to play more. Skyrim has gotten enough praise to become the new standard for open-world games, while Fallout 4 (despite a number of difficulties that made many people contentious on whether or not it’s better than Fallout 3) managed to make a fairly deep and varied location for the new game to take place in.

There are normally several-year-long gaps between the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, mainly so that the studio can produce it with the latest technology and also so that they don’t run out of ideas.

However, with more people clamoring for Fallout 5 and Elder Scrolls 6 when we don’t really have any idea of what those games might involve, or where they’d take place.

Fallout has already taken us to various places on both sides of the post-apocalyptic United States, but between the Mojave Desert and the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth there’s still a significant amount of ground that players could get to on it.

A new Elder Scrolls game could also give us a number of different locations, considering that we haven’t seen what Bethesda can do with High Rock, Hammerfell, Black Marsh, Elswyr, or Valenwood. As sweet as it would be to read how the Thalmor got what they deserved several years after Skyrim ended, it would still take time for Bethesda to actually make games for them.

So, while it’s still too soon to talk about the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, hopefully Bethesda won’t make us wait much longer for an Elder Scrolls announcement, and the next Fallout game won’t be too far behind.