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Mobile Intel i7-7700HQ Processor Too Slow For Upgrade

LaptopMedia tested and exposed the Kaby Lake mobile Intel version of the platform’s top model i7-7700HQ with a disappointment despite having higher Core frequency and processing power, it is very weak. Comparatively, the new mobile version will not give you an upper hand to upgrade from Mobile Intel i7-6700HQ to new i7-7700HQ.

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LaptopMedia has kept the testing parameters confidential and has not disclosed the specific notebook brand and specific configuration on which tests were conducted. But, you can know i7-7700HQ will have default frequency at 2.8GHz, the maximum core frequency at 3.8GHz.

LaptopMedia got a similar Notebook test with HP Pavilion 15 Gaming equipped with Mobile Intel i7-6700HQ. Test items included Cinebench 11, Cinebench 15 NovaBench 3. Compared to test whose hardware brand and specs remain undisclosed with i7-6700HQ, the results will lose your desire to upgrade. i7-7700HQ performance only increased by a small margin of 2%, 3%, 6%.

Now this is awful for a Mobile Intel upcoming processor.

Analyzing the tests only tells one sorry tale, it will not be wise for you to upgrade from your current Notebook with Mobile Intel version of i7-6700HQ to i7-7700HQ. The new processor only leads by a small margin which is not worth the upgrade. Unless, Intel makes things right and comes up with a Mobile Intel processor that can actually convince its users to upgrade from older to new Mobile Intel platform.

What do you make of LaptopMedia test on i7-7700HQ. Is 2%, 3%, 6% enough for you to jump from older platform to new upcoming platform of Mobile devices? Let us know what you think about it in comments section.