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For Honor Servers Are Point-To-Point Instead of Dedicated, Says Report

You would think Ubisoft would have learned by now: the For Honor servers that the game will be relying on for its highly-publicized multiplayer mode are not dedicated servers. Instead, they’ll be point-to-point servers, meaning that one player will have to act as the host to the game while play is dependent on their internet.

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The report for these comes from the For Honor alpha that was started in September, so there may be plenty of time for Ubisoft to actually implement dedicated servers into the game, unless they think that every single person playing has a stable internet connection that will allow multiplayer to proceed without a hitch.

This method, unlike dedicated For Honor servers, has a lot of flaws on it: players being dependent on a host’s internet connection to play means that if the host disconnects or experiences some other sort of internet trouble, everyone will be dealing with it; a single blip in signal strength can cause the entire game to shut down and everyone to be kicked. A lack of dedicated servers will also end up allowing hackers to cheat in the game on PC, if they’re not confident enough in their sword skills and instead end up cheating because they want to ruin everyone else’s fun.

Considering that For Honor’s gameplay will once again run on its multiplayer like the original Titanfall and others, the reliance on point to point servers may lead to its downfall unless Ubisoft changes it. Considering that Ubisoft’s previous games have never had dedicated servers, however, it’s likely that they won’t stop now.

If Ubisoft doesn’t end up fixing the For Honor servers to be dedicated, hopefully players will actually keep their internet connections in mind when it comes to the game so that people don’t get stuck getting constantly dropped from games due to the host not having a stable connection.