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Why AMD Ryzen Chip Need Not Compete With The $1000 Intel CPUs

At the New Horizon event, AMD showed off the new AMD Ryzen chip that was able to outperform the $1000 Intel 6900K and other CPUs that are considered enthusiast grade CPUs.

One thing to note here is that these CPUs that the AMD Ryzen was compared against are extremely expensive.

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Benchmarks indicate that the AMD Ryzen chip is a strong contender for the CPU market and it will be able to crush the Kaby Lake CPUs that Intel will be putting on the table.

The Intel 7700K is the top of the line Kaby Lake variant and benchmarks show that the AMD Ryzen chip can easily outperform it. This is why AMD Ryzen will not have to compete with the 6900K as it can easily match the performance of the top level Kaby Lake CPUs and surpass them in most cases.

AMD Ryzen Chip


Cinebench R15 results:

AMD Ryzen – 1188

Core i7-7700K – 966

Core i7-7700K @ 5GHz – 1083

Core i7-6900K – 1500

Core i7-6950X – 1800

Although we do not know the pricing of the AMD Ryzen chip we know that it will be coming out next year and will be faster than what we saw in the demo. Rumors also claim that with better software optimization and drivers this CPU could work even better. AMD CEO Dr, Lisa Su has confirmed that the CPU will be coming out in 2017 and that Engineers are hard at work tweaking the CPU in order to get the best possible performance out of the chip.

AMD Ryzen Chip

The boost clock has not been revealed because the retail boost clock has not been finalized yet and it has been claimed that the chips will run faster as compared to what we saw at the event. This means that there is more room for improvement. AMD could compete with the 6900K but it will not need to as this CPU will be able to take on the Kaby Lake series easily and it all comes down to the price now.