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World of Warcraft Legacy Server Nostalrius Is Back Once Again

It took some time but the World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius is now finally back, as part of the Elysium private servers brand.

Over the past few days, the creators of the server had been transferring all the saved characters and data of players who used to play on the World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius over to their new home. A total of 79,376 accounts were moved during this time.

Now that the transfer is complete, the server is now live with both PvE and PvP support. Initially there was some issue with missing items but the support staff seems to have sorted them all out.

Blizzard had shut down the original World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius earlier this year which caused quite an uproar. The team behind Nostalrius sat down with Blizzard to talk things out but negotiations failed and the server stayed dead.

Many had hoped that Blizzard would actually end up creating their own server allowing players to access legacy content in its pure form without the gameplay changes made by future expansions.

Twinking in MMOs like World of Warcraft is a big deal and there is a huge community, even on retail WoW, that adopts this and despite the release of new expansions, prefers to only play old content and keeps their character level under check.

However, it seemed that Blizzard was not interested in any such thing and there wasn’t even any indication from them about this during BlizzCon 2016.

In early November, Nostalrius announced on reddit that they would be bringing the server back, this time as part of the Russian hosted Elysium network making it a bit more difficult for Blizzard to issue a cease and desist to the creators.

While Russian hosted private WoW servers do end up getting shutdown, perhaps Nostalrius can last longer than most due to its fan base.