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Someone Managed to Run a PSP Game on Xbox One Using Emulator

Irony is playing PlayStation games on Microsoft box; I am not referring to usage of PlayStation emulator on Microsoft PC, but, emulation here took a step or two ahead. Xbox One was recently fired up to play PSP games using emulator.

Recently, foreign players through a workaround ran the Xbox One on the PSP’s emulator known as PPSSPP and through it they played the PSP version of Grant Theft Auto: Sin City also known as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Let me break it down to you, PPSSPP is an emulator which works on PC, iOS, android and more, so foreign players ran it on Xbox One and through that emulator they played GTA: Sin City. They recorded a 3 and half minute video running in development mode of the Xbox One. This roughly means that PSP was played on Xbox One.

Although, the development mode of this workaround is not open for all to try. Could this mean emulation to play PSP games over Xbox One is coming up? Or is it one of those fancy tricks by the group of foreign players trying to get noticed over internet? Let us know what you think about this in comments section below. A PSP Game on Xbox One also tells us the customizeability of the machine it could offer to its users specially after UWP update. This could also be a good sign for cross-platform play in the future.