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Korea Bags All Trophies With Dominating IEM Gyeonggi 2016 Results

Over the weekend, Korean teams went on a rampage to claim the IEM Gyeonggi 2016 results in their favor for all three featured games.

The week-long event at the Goyang Sports Complex stadium saw an intense battle of skill and wits in League of Legends, Overwatch, and StarCraft II. As such, the final IEM Gyeonggi 2016 results saw the home teams eliminating the western competition and bagging the winning trophies for all three games.

In League of Legends, both the first and second Korean seeds were pitted against each other. The 2016 League of Legends World Championship finalists Samsung Galaxy breezed through the group stages without dropping a single game. This dominance extended past Immortals and Vega Squadron when the top Korean seed knocked away Team Liquid in the semifinals.

It faced Kongdoo Monster in the grand finals, a newly promoted LCK team that surprised everyone by placing second at the KeSPA Cup last month. However, it was no match for Samsung Galaxy who was playing with the same roster that was just one game away from winning Worlds this year. IEM Gyeonggi 2016 was also the team’s first international title.

In Overwatch, the grand finals similarly saw two of the best Korean teams battling each other for the prize pot. For a game that has not even celebrated its first anniversary, the weekend of matches saw Korea reminding everyone of its scary potential.

Lunatic-Hai and LuxuryWatch Red both registered major upsets in the tournament by eliminating higher seed Afreeca Freecs Blue and western fan-favorite Rogue respectively. In the finals, it was LuxuryWatch Red that came out on top. It dropped the first game of the series, but quickly came around to winning the next two and doing so, securing its first major tournament victory.

In StarCraft II, veteran Lee “INnoVation” Shin Hyung went to work with Terran to take down Kim “Stats” Dae Yeob and his Protoss army in a clean sweep. The IEM Gyeonggi 2016 StarCraft II champion is currently without a team, having left SK Telecom T1 when the organization dissolved its roster in October. Incidentally, the weekend’s win is his only title for the year.

The IEM Gyeonggi 2016 results are a testament to how seriously Koreans take the esports factor. None of the three games saw any western team make it to the grand finals. Perhaps 2017 will change this for us.