Most Contested Jungle Champions During IEM Gyeonggi 2016

The IEM Gyeonggi 2016 League of Legends tournament, held at the Goyang Sports Complex stadium in South Korea, concluded over the weekend. It provided last bits of sustenance for the esports-hungry crowd before we all go our merry ways for the festive season.

Summoners are always interested in knowing what champions make the current meta. In most cases, we tend to look over to what professional teams are using in competitive environments. While IEM Gyeonggi 2016 is a small pool in that regard, it nonetheless offers us valuable insight.

League of Legends coach and analyst Andrei “Realistik” Ruse has provided a well-documented anatomy of the jungle meta featured in the week-long South Korean tournament.

Rek’Sai and Lee Sin were the two highly contested champions for each team in the tournament. In the 26 games played in total, Rek’Sai was picked in 24 of them and banned twice. That’s a shocking 100 percent involvement for the Void Burrower which comes as a surprise considering that she has become a rarity in ranked queues in recent times.

Mostly recently, her base armor and armor growth stats were reduced. The cooldown duration on Burrow (W) was also increased, forcing her to wait longer to track individual targets. Despite her changes, professional players still consider her as a viable jungle pick for team compositions.

The second highly contested jungle champion was Lee Sin who was picked in 13 games and banned in 12. No surprise there since the Blind Monk is also a favorite pick in ranked queues and has seemingly never fallen off the meta since his release.

Upon the conclusion of the event, Rek’Sai and Lee Sin featured win-rates of almost 46 and 62 percent respectively.

Ivern, the newest addition to League of Legends, was locked only twice (lost both games) and banned four times. While he is pretty rampant inside the walls of low-tier matches, professional teams have begun playing around the utility he brings to team fights.

Rengar, the thorn in everyone’s side, was never picked in the entire tournament. He was, though, banned in 14 games. In front of Rek’Sai and Lee Sin, Rengar often experiences a tough time in the jungle. Hence, his exclusion is logical.

Olaf, one of the highest contest junglers during the 2016 League of Legeneds World Championship, was only picked in three games and banned twice. His fall has probably to do with the recent removal of Strength of the Ages.

Kha’Zix and Hecarim were never banned and were picked in two games each. Elise too was never banned but picked only once.

Nidalee, once a popular jungle pick was never mentioned once during the entire event.