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World Record: GALAX GTX 1060 HOF GOC Achieves 3010 MHz Clock

The Nvidia Pascal 10 series GPUs have once again made a record at the GALAX GOC event, proving that the 10 series GPUs are indeed for PC enthusiasts. The GALAX GTX 1060 HOF GOC was able to achieve a clock of 3010 MHz which is much more than what you get out of the box. Nvidia has covered the entire market when it comes to GPUs, covering everything from the entry level 1050Ti to the enthusiast Titan XP.

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The Nvidia Pascal is the highest clocked chip on the market right now. A few weeks back Nvidia showed the Pascal GPUs running at more than 2.1 GHz but the GALAX GTX 1060 HOF GOC was able to break the 3 GHz barrier. This shows how the chip and the Pascal architecture is great in terms of overclocking.



The GALAX GTX 1060 HOF features the GP106 core GPU. It has the following specs:

  • 1280 CUDA Cores
  • 6 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 1620 MHz core clock
  • 1847 MHz boost clock
  • 8 GHz memory clock
  • 192 GB/s bandwidth
  • 8+6 Pin power configuration
  • 120W TDP

At such a high frequency the GALAX GTX 1060 HOF was able to beat the pixel filling rate of the GTX 1070 as well as the GTX 1080. This overclocking feat was achieved by three teams at the event. Galax also had a surprise in store for all of us and they announced the release of a single slot GTX 1070 GPU. The GPU will be coming out in 2017 and features a blower style design with the single fan blowing heat out of the metal shroud.

The upcoming GTX 1070 will be available for $379. We also know about the GTX 1080Ti coming out some time next year, that too will be something to look forward to. What do you think about the GALAX GTX 1060 HOF. Also tell us about the card you are most excited for in 2017.