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Death Stranding Reveal Trailer Was Not Running On DECIMA Engine

Hideo Kojima has revealed a lot of details about his upcoming game, Death Stranding, including that the game uses DECIMA engine. This is the same game engine that Guerrilla Games is using to develop Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The trailer for Death Stranding that was shown during the Game Awards 2016 was also running on DECIMA while it has now been confirmed that the first trailer was not running on the same engine. Speaking with IGN, Hideo Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding reveal trailer was not running on DECIMA engine.

The collaboration [with Guerilla Games] started later…. The teaser we showed at E3 was in a different engine. Guerrilla Games had the right engine. Their engine is well suited to the tools and systems of an open-world game. This was a very important aspect for us.

We all know that Norman Reedus will be playing the protagonist in Death Stranding and nothing more is known about his character. Recently a leak has emerged that suggests the name for Norman Redus’ character.

In a recent interview, Hideo Kojima discussed the concept of the game, the meaning of death in Death Stranding, its characters and more. When asked why he chose the specific word death in his title Death Standing, he explained that life and death are part of the game and he aims to deliver a new twist on this concept.

In arcade games, you have this notion of dying, putting another quarter in, and coming back. That hasn’t changed in the 35 years that I’ve been making games. In this game, life and death will be part of that, but I want to give a different twist to that notion.

Death Stranding is an action-adventure game in development at Kojima Productions and will launch sometime in 2018 exclusively for PlaySation 4.